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Company Information



Our mission is to provide affordable, eco-friendly office products and services for organizations and individuals striving to be green. Our interacting network of companies and people (partners) has positive calculated effects on the environment in addition to a referral system like no other. It has never been easier to be environmentally responsible!

About Us

Bryan Beckett founded EcoGreenOffice in order to provide a one-stop shop of affordable and quality green office products and services to businesses on an environmentally sustainable mission. Beckett is determined to make using green office products the standard, nationwide.

EcoGreenOffice is certified small business capable of serving any size company looking for sustainable procurement ideas!


Partner Benefits

Upon ordering green products or services from the EcoGreenOffice, partners have the ability to create a mini company website or “green page” within our site. These green pages have been designed for our partners to maximize the benefits of the EcoGreenOffice. A partnerв's custom green page can be used for company overview, communication to other partners, promotion or advertising of online specials, and it automatically tracks how partners’ green orders have benefited the environment. This automated enviro-calculator is real time and updates as soon as green office products are ordered.

Partner Pricing

As a relationship based office supplier, many of our partners (clients) qualify for custom pricing. Please contact us to learn more about this program!

The Partner Logo

By far the most highlighted benefit of being a partner of the EcoGreenOffice (E.G.O.). Our partner logo is used nationwide by businesses to show they have acquired green-minded practices. The partner logo is shared with businesses so that the general public can identify that business as a socially responsible company. Utilizing earth friendly office products is very important, why not let people know about it!