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Diamond Day Spa of the Year! Nestled between the Columbia/Little Italy Districts of downtown San Diego, Spa Velía provides an intimate old-world boutique spa destination that offers a memorable experience for seasoned and first-time spa guests. Spa Velía also attends to busy professionals who live and work downtown and are looking for a reputable, dependable, and convenient spa – one that can become a part of their wellness lifestyle. Escape the hassles of everyday life and slip into a place where every moment matters. We encourage you to allow extra time before or after your experience to fully enjoy the Spa. Drench your body in our luxurious Velía Swiss Showers, unwind in our co-ed aromatic steam room or simply make yourself at home in our old-world lounge. Snuggle into your plush robe, enjoy a good book, chilled fruit water, or a warm cup of tea.

Spa Velia

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