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Company Bio:

The North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO) is an association of 15 local governments working together to improve regional transportation and air quality. The NFRMPO does long-range and short-range planning, and prioritizes which projects in those plans will receive state and federal funding. The NFRMPO operates a regional vanpool/carpool program: VanGO/CarGO, and the Smart Trips website: http://www.smarttrips.org They are also a member of the Climate Wise Fort Collins Program.

North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization

  • Industry: Non-Profits/National Organizations
  • Location: Colorado
  • Partner Since: December 11, 2008
  • Phone: 970-221-6243
  • Website: www.nfrmpo.org
  • E-mail: lmeyer@nfrmpo.org
  • Calculated Environmental Savings

  • Trees: 0.0 trees
  • Landfill Space: 0.0 cubic yards
  • Air Pollution: 0.0 pounds