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Green Sōl is a wholesale distribution and consulting services firm offering a complete line of Green Seal and environmentally-friendly janitorial, maintenance, and high-efficiency products as well as cleaning consulting services to help you maximize your cleaning budget. Green Sōl provides cleaning chemicals only from manufacturers who specialize exclusively in green products. Our manufacturers have been specializing in sustainable cleaning solutions far before it was the “in” thing to do—all the way back to 1964. Green Sōl is changing the face of janitorial supply product distribution. Where most janitorial supply companies try to sell you as many chemicals as they can, Green Sol will sell you only what is required to do the job. Green Sōl acts as a consultant to improve cleaning efficiency by using more effective green chemicals. We will dispel the myth that green cleaners are expensive and don’t work well. In almost every case, we can show you they work BETTER and cost LESS than traditional chemicals.

Green Sol, LLC

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