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Promote Green is a promotional marketing and logo merchandising firm offering a full line of environmentally friendly promotional products. We are focused on changing the way businesses buy and use promotional advertising products - advocating a shift to values driven marketing. From small business to corporate merchandising needs, we can find products that promote both an organization and a healthy planet. Promote Green Mission: To provide ease of access to ecologically responsible custom imprinted products and persuade clients to permanently change their promotional marketing consumption choices to environmentally friendly purchasing habits. • To educate our clients that cause driven promotional products can succeed in securing brand or customer loyalty through mutual respect for a healthy planet. • To profit only from sales of ecologically sound products. If unable to convince a client of the worth of eco-friendly promotional marketing, Promote Green will refer clients to another agency. • To support the efforts of conservation organizations through donations and sponsorship. • To minimize our negative impact on the planet while helping others to do so as well.

Promote Green

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