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Diva Design is a New York City-based design studio providing high-end, professional design services from concept to completion. Through teamwork, dedication and commitment to seeing projects through from start to finish, we strive to deliver high-quality products to our clients. We pay great attention to our clients’ unique identities and needs while promoting sustainable end products and toxin and waste reduction. We are a team of “divas” and “divos” who create outstanding design by adding the “diva touch.” We find pleasure in watching our clients grow and enjoy assisting them in the continued success of their businesses by providing them with an eye-catching and professional public image. We believe in building strong, ongoing relationships with our clients, vendors and planet earth. Diva Design was established in 1998. Our client base is varied and ranges from businesses and financial institutions to non-profit organizations, universities, foundations and individuals. Diva Design is located in the heart of the fashion district in midtown Manhattan. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Diva Design, Graphic Design

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