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Our Values Rising Dove is Dedicated to the Planet Rising Dove is Dedicated to Humanity Rising Dove is Dedicated to the Arts Our Products and Services RisingDove.com presents: Rising Dove Art Gallery (paintings, drawings, and photographs by Miriam A. Kilmer); Current Exhibits; 20th-century American poets Joyce Kilmer and Aline Murray Kilmer; American Impressionist F.C. Frieseke; Shapenotes (including Chesapeake Bay Watershed Area Shapenote Events), Recommended Artists, and much more. Consumers' resources include Archival materials for artists and conservationists, as well as Recommended Merchants for the Ecologically Aware and Recommended Products for the Ecologically Aware (from companies that sell a wide variety of products). Rising Dove Bookstore specializes in books, recordings, and products related to the arts. Please visit my researched Charity page. Rising Dove Fine Arts and Services has earned membership in 1% for the Planet and Partners of Eco Green Office. Owner Miriam A. Kilmer is a member of World Wildlife Fund and many more humanitarian and eco-concious organizations.

Rising Dove Fine Arts & Services

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