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The Green Team is the first & only full service real estate agency in Northern Colorado to make a point of promoting Green Real Estate. We want to make a difference in communities that are open to making a difference. Our agents are certified EcoBrokers. We have become uniquely knowledgable about today's and TOMORROW's innovative energy, environmental and resource efficient approaches and opportunities. When you work with a member of the Green Team, you can be sure your agent has a strong grounding in modern environmental and energy issues. We keep well informed on the current green issues. We're all quite active in the US Green Building Council. And we often ride our bikes to get around town on business, practicing what we preach! Consider us a resource for eco-information, education and ACTION. And if you want a house to go with your sustainable philosophy of life, well, we share your values! We'll find you one. (Or help you to get started creating one.) You don't live in Northern Colorado? You may want to find a real estate firm that shares this enthusiasm for being green and for finding green homes for their clients. If you are in Aspen or Denver or Grand Junction - or even Miami, we can put you in touch with a real estate agent who 'gets it'. And if you are in Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland - or anywhere else in Northern Colorado - you can feel good about working directly with The Green Team. The Green Team founded and organizes "Green Drinks" Fort Collins - an eco get-together for a new age of networkers. Join us monthly. (See our website for updated dates and locations.)

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