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Wax Sabbath Spa is a new eco-friendly waxing spa located in the heart of historic Georgetown, Seattle, WA. We offer a range of skin care and post waxing products that do not contain carcinogenic ingredients. We use only organic cotton or bamboo towels and linens. All our printed materials are on recycled paper and printed with soy, vegetable or linseed inks. We use energy efficient lighting and appliances. We recycle everything that can be recycled. There are many other practices that we follow to lessen our impact on the earth. Call for an appointment, support companies that try to make a difference.

Wax Sabbath Spa

  • Industry: Other
  • Location: Washington
  • Partner Since: April 02, 2010
  • Phone: 206-762-7071
  • E-mail: waxsabbath@gmail.com
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  • Trees: 0.0 trees
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