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Inner Architecture® opened in Chicago at the start of 2002. Committed pedestrians and urban environmentalists ourselves, we have striven to make decisions as practitioners, educators, and community members that ease environmental impacts. Rolfing® is a practice of ‘manual medicine’ that repositions connective, bony, and visceral tissues to permit a more effective and efficient postural pattern to emerge. Rolfers strategically address relationships within the connective tissue network (or ‘fascial system’) to catalyze the integration of their clients’ bodies structurally and functionally within gravity. The common thread of those that make their way to Rolfing® is a readiness to transform in ways that extend beyond pure symptom relief to address the broader physical patterns that underlie them. It is an openness to being willing to acknowledge their body as a somatic system as opposed to a collection of discreet parts.

Inner Architecture

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