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SEAC-pronounced "seek," as in "seeking" -is a grassroots coalition of student and youth environmental groups, working together to protect our planet and our future. Through this united effort, thousands of youth have translated their concern into action by sharing resources, building coalitions, and challenging the limited mainstream definition of environmental issues. Based in Charleston, WV SEAC seeks to connect youth activism against global warming to communities fighting the destructive impacts of the coal industry, including Mountain Top Removal Mining.


  • Industry: Non-Profits/National Organizations
  • Location: West Virginia
  • Partner Since: February 25, 2008
  • Phone: 415 606 3953
  • Website: www.seac.org
  • E-mail: dana@seac.org
  • Calculated Environmental Savings

  • Trees: 0.0 trees
  • Landfill Space: 0.0 cubic yards
  • Air Pollution: 0.0 pounds