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Mission Watershed Media produces action-oriented, visually dynamic, communication resources to influence the transition to a sustainable society. Conceptual Approach Watershed Media-initiated projects are concise yet informative, visually fresh, with a clear communication goal (i.e. establish mainstream awareness of a single topic, such as tree-free paper, wood reduction, habitat connectivity with farmlands, etc.). Action-Oriented Resources Watershed Media creates alliances with leading activist organizations and practitioners working on select issues to add expertise, credibility, and to more carefully assess best practices and long-term goals. Our projects are targeted toward a specific audience that can benefit from and act upon the book's information and resources.

Watershed Media

  • Industry: Non-Profits/National Organizations
  • Location: California
  • Partner Since: March 31, 2008
  • Phone: 707-431-2936
  • Website: www.watershedmedia.org
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  • Trees: 0.0 trees
  • Landfill Space: 0.0 cubic yards
  • Air Pollution: 0.0 pounds